lfor those who want shirts (pictures here), you can get them for $8 via paypal (skott at dieyoung dot org) or cash/check/money order to:
skott baker
950 palo alto ave
palo alto, ca 94301
remember, we only have smalls and mediums because octofist hates fatties.

5/17/05 lots of news to report

-thanks to all those who came out for the show in nyc. all went well.

- all principle photography was finished on idling: the story of octofist and editing and post-production will start very soon. it will probably be accompanied by a soundtrack cd.

- a "live" octofist album will be produced, recreating the way our songs are performed live. our good friend sarge will be helping us out with that.

-we have shirts. some dust needs to be cleared before we will be offering them to the general public, but they are pretty awesome and were designed and printed by our friend katherine (who will have a webpage as soon as i finish making it.
here are photos of the shirts:
3 .
3/22/05: the unleash the beastcoast "tour" hits the east coast on march 23rd, with principal photography beginning on idling: the story of octofist and one show at the tank (432 w 42nd) with sarge and hellhound (on my trail) here is a flyer.

there is also a shockingly good review of buy one get one over at splendid.
02/15/05: way too much stuff going on right now that has slipped through the cracks:

-documentary of a breakdown review @ regen magazine
-octofist's remix of betray the species is on the limited edition sleepwalker remix cd available with the first 100 copies of the full length cd (from can't stop eating). this remix will probably be the first mix on making things worse vol. 2
-east coast tour in the works with sarge and hellhound (on my trail) the dates are mar 23rd -apr 2nd... right now, the closest thing we have to a gig is mar 30th at galapagos in brooklyn, but it has yet to be confirmed..
10/26/04: more great press... here's a review of "buy one get one" from IndustrialnatioN and regen magazine's Stephen Sodergren:
removed @ IN's request

also, due to monetary issues, documentary of a breakdown is going to be released in a limited 100 cdr pressing with new artwork (still on can't stop eating). when these are sold out, there will be a new, real pressing, probably, but until then you can buy them from the cse site.
the new artwork can be seen here.
09/17/04: once again, long time, no update... but rest assured, we've got plenty of news. documentary of a breakdown is pretty much ready to go to press, so stay tuned for more info on that. check back here, or at can't stop eating (since they'll be putting it out).

OCTOFIST and HELLHOUND (ON MY TRAIL) coming to the east coast?
we're shooting for a spring tour that should be touching down in nyc and, hopefully hitting other cities. when we're over there, we hope to record a collaboration with hellhound and sarge which will eventually be out on cse.

making things worse vol. 1 (the remix record) is almost done, we've got nine of ten tracks done. bands remixed so far:
the exploding motives symphony orchestra, triple nipple, we are killing phantoms, dirtwolf, the yumi tree brass, title, kame, sleepwalker, and put down that science pole.
we're still on the lookout for artists to remix, so if you're interested, wing us an e-mail at octofist at dieyoung dot org.

and finally, octofist gets some press:
back when we were on tour, we got written up by the portland mercury's andrew miller:

OCTOFIST, SLEEPWALKER, BLOWNUPNIHILIST (Grand Central Bowl, 808 SE Morrison) In an ideal marriage of artist and venue, Octofist--whose sensory-overloading compositions feel like a bowling ball rolled between the ears--plays an alley well suited to its pin-crushing percussion. Currently, Octofist has only one disc, the recently re-released Buy One Get One, to its credit, but by the end of the year it will unleash the remix project Making Things Worse and Die Hard, Die Young, an OutKast-style, double-solo-album from members Slatkin and Noski. For the band's fans, that means plenty of previously unheard pulsing beats and guttural rumbles, with electronic blurts and blasts to spare.
coming soon:  

"die hard, die young: two albums by octofist" a double cd solo release featuring an album by slatkin (die hard) and an album by noski (die young). the bulk of these songs were recorded between march 2002 and august 2003.
"making things worse" a remix album featuring octofist remixing songs by triple nipple, title, dirtwolf, kame, the yumi tree brass, we are killing phantoms, the exploding motives symphony orchestra, and others. if you are interested in having us remix one of your songs, contact us.
"documentary of a breakdown" a two cd set featuring the songs we recorded late-winter/early-spring '03 in NYC while both of us were basically going insane. these epic tracks are some of the best songs we made.
  buttons and shirts coming soon too
still available:  
"buy one get one" octofist's debut release.
  (click on album covers to enlarge)
from "buy one get one:"
fucking bored

from "making things worse:"
the exploding motives symphony orchestra - tuesday night
triple nipple - tiny little hot man

from "documentary of a breakdown:"

from "die hard, die young:"
coming soon