AR Songfight #1 February 2007: The British Invasion
01 - noski of octofist - I Understand (Just How You Feel)
02 - Seb Roberts - (Baby) It's No Good

03 - Alex - Autumn Almanac
(The Kinks cover)
04 - Charles V - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'
(Gerry & The Pacemakers cover)
05 - Charlie Chan & the Chinks - (I Have Got a) Fool-Proof Plan

06 - Seb Roberts - My Generation
(The Who cover)
07 - Johnny Douchebag - I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun

08 - Charles V - With a Little Help from My Friends
(The Beatles cover)
09 - Time to Pay the Price - Ringo was The Funny One

01 - Seb Roberts - (Baby) It's No Good
02 - Charlie Chan & the Chinks - (I Have Got a) Fool-Proof Plan
full album (zip)
bonus e.p. (zip)
band name key:
-noski of octofist, charlie chan & the chinks, johnny douchebag, and time to pay the price are skott baker
AR Songfight #2 March 2007: 31 Covers, Vol. 2
01 - Big Bruddah & the Hula Company - Howling at the Moon (Sha-La-La) (Originally by The Ramones)
02 - Alex - I Know the Weight of Your Throat (Originally by Sunset Rubdown)
03 - Charles and James - Kiss From A Rose
(Originally by Seal)
04 - Seb Roberts - Wrong Place, Right Time
(Originally by The Fall)
05 - Joe Mackey - Stupid Kid
(Originally by Alkaline Trio)
06 - The Feeling Groovies - Rock and Roll Girl
(Originally by The Beat)
07 - Charles V - Funeral Girl
(Originally by Daniel Johnston)
08 - The Bedroom Demos - Flagpole Sitta
(Originally by Harvey Danger)
09 - Seb Roberts - Minnesoter
(Originally by Dandy Warhols)
10 - The Cecil Peoples - Crazy
(Originally by Patsy Cline)
11 - Seb Roberts - Doubletalkin' Jive
(Originally by Guns n' Roses)
12 - noski of octofist - Oh Comely
(Originally by Neutral Milk Hotel)
13 - Alex - Love Will Never Do (Without You)
(Originally by Janet Jackson)
14 - noski of octofist - Today
(Originally by Smashing Pumpkins)
15 - Charles V - Your Love
(Originally by Outfield)
16 - Sports Scenter - I'm on Fire
(Originally by Bruce Springsteen)
17 - The Port Pirie Polka Ensemble ft. the Schrill Sisters - Naive Melody (This Must Be the Place)
(Originally by Talking Heads)
18 - Charles V - Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone?
(Originally by Ted Leo + Pharmacists)
19 - Seb Roberts - The American Astronaut
(Originally by Billy Nayer Show)
20 - Our Age Comes Riding on a Circus Elephant - Joe Hill
(Originally by Phil Ochs)
21 - Charles V - Major Tom (I'm Coming Home)
(Originally by Peter Schilling)
22 - Seb Roberts & Alex - Bad Penny
(Originally by Big Black)
23 - We Are Killing Phantoms - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
(Originally by The Proclaimers)
24 - Charles V - Impression That I Get
(Originally by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones)
25 - noski of octofist - Golden Brown
(Originally by The Stranglers)
26 - Joe Mackey - Warsaw
(Originally by Joy Division)
27 - Charles V - I Felt Your Shape
(Originally by The Microphones)
28 - Lucius Bag of the Bag Brothers - Don't Phunk with My Heart
(Originally by The Black Eyed Peas)
29 - Seb Roberts - Drive Around
(Originally by Brainbombs)
30 - Charles V - All Around the World or The Myth of Fingerprints
(Originally by Paul Simon)
31 - noski of octofist - Undone
(Originally by Ghost Mice)
Exclusive Best Buy Bonus E.P. "The Cuttingroom Floor"
01 - James - Lullaby of the Leaves (Originally from the Broadway Revue "Chamberlain Brown's Scrap Book" (1932) written by Pernice Petkere and Joe Young) - this was cut because it isn't a cover as much as it is a recording of a jazz (and pop) standard (recorded by george olsen & his music, ella fitzgerald, mel torme, chet baker, the ventures, chet atkins, the platters, dizzy gillespie, and others) and because it was intended to be messed around with more than just being a recording of james and his piano.
02 - Sports Scenter - I Love Rock & Roll
(Originally by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts) - this track was never finished. steve got a little frustrated and gave up. i am disappointed because there is a lot of potential here.
03 - The Bedroom Demos - Labour of Love
(Originally by Frente!) - this was cut mostly because we had met the quota and it was my weakest song. i cannot whistle normally. i do it through the teeth style and the horribleness of that "whistling" shows in the solo section.
04 - Sports Scenter - Hot Legs
(Originally by Rod Stewart) - after getting frustrated with I Love Rock & Roll, steve tried to roll this song out quickly and dirtily and wasn't entirely pleased with the way it turned out.
05 - James - Toxic (Originally by Brittney Spears) - james recorded this song, but wasn't pleased with how it turned out. he didn't tell me about it until a few months later. because of this, it is not in the bonus e.p. zip and the original was never uploaded.
full album (zip)
full album (originals) (zip)
bonus e.p. (zip)
bonus e.p. (originals)

band name key:
-big bruddah & the hula company, the feeling groovies, the bedroom demos, noski of octofist, our age comes riding on a circus elephant, and we are killing phantoms are skott baker
-sports scenter is steve mortiboys
-the cecil peoples are skott, steve, and ryan slater
-the port pirie polka ensemble ft. the schrill sisters is alex
-lucius bag of the bag brothers is elijah b torn
AR Songfight #3 April 2007: Location, Location, Location
01 - Alex - 17th and Clayton
02 - The Last King of Ska-Land - Jamaica Ska

03 - Sports Scenter - Telford

04 - Distorto & the Funky Pedalpushers - Middle America (Taint of the Nation)

05 - Charles V - Austin

06 - Mango Chuck and Rasputin - Colorado

07 - Charles V - Tokyo

08 - The Referees - California Song
Japanese Bonus Tracks (a.k.a. late-ass shit):

09 - Mercurial - Fanfare for Victoria

10 - Josh - Traer, IA
Here are Seb's (ineligible) tracks: Seb Roberts - Australians in Asia
Seb Roberts - US out of NY (Wooly Mammoth)

full album (zip)
band-name key:
-the last king of ska-land is skott baker (with noah jensen-brodsky on drums)
-sports scenter is steve mortiboys
-distorto & the funky pedalpushers is skott baker
-mango chuck and rasputin is joe mackey
-the referees is skott baker (with additional vocals by ryan slater)
-mercurial is nate dorr


AR Songfight #4 May 2007: Drinkin'
01 - Johnny Douchebag - I Love Beer
02 - Charles V - White Roses
03 - Randy Oldman and Tom Leaves - What I'd Do
04 - Seb Roberts - Boilermaker (Jesus Lizard cover)
05 - The (Not So Fabulous) Baker Boys - The Drought
06 - Alex - Mulled Wine Song
07 - Pork Pie Paul - Whiskey Days And Whiskey Nights
08 - Charles V - Lonestar
09 - The Nudie Suits - There Stands The Glass (Webb Pierce cover)
10 - Lucius Bag - coldtilefloor
11 - The_Blacks_(rapper) - Irish Drinking Song (Buck-O-Nine cover)

larger cover
beer bottle label (.tif file)
full album (zip)
band name key:
-johnny douchebag, the (not so fabulous) baker boys, pork pie paul, and The_Blacks_(rapper) are skott baker
-randy oldman and tom leaves is james zetlen
-the nudie suits are james zetlen and josh
-lucius bag is elijah b torn
AR SONGFIGHT #5 JUNE 2007: Summer!
01 - The Last King of Ska-Land (feat. Josh Salsbury) - Checkerboard Summer
02 - Sports Scenter - That Feeling...
03 - Charles V - Grow Shorter
04 - The Fighting Phenomenon known as Green Face - It's Our Summer Time
05 - Oh Fudge! - Jenny and the Summer Day (The Avett Brothers cover)
06 - The 18th Ave. Players - Summer Madness (Kool and the Gang cover)
07 - Hundreds and Thousands - Summer Nights (from Grease)
08 - Billy Fuck and the Shit Kickers - The Summer Ain't Made for Me
09 - noski of octofist - I Went to Camp North Star and All I Got was This Terrible Rash
10 - NINJA SIMONE - It's Summer Time
11 - Alex - A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill (Jens Lekman cover)
Inelligible tracks (previously recorded for non-songfight reasons):
NO - Indie N Summer
Our Age Comes Riding on a Circus Elephant - In the Summer Time (Mungo Jerry cover)

full album (zip)
band name key:
--the last king of ska-land is skott baker (with noah jensen-brodsky on drums) with guest trombone by josh salsbury of the yumi tree brass
-sports scenter , billy fuck and the shit kickers, and ninja simone are steve mortiboys
-the fighting phenomenon known as green face is ryan slater
-the 18th ave. players is joe mackey
-hundreds and thousands are skott baker and alex
-noski of octofist and our age comes riding on a circus elephant are skott baker
-no are seb roberts, johnny chinchen, and jd spare
01 - Time to Pay the Price - Rickey Henderson (Rickey Henderson)
02 - Charles & James - Historical Jesus (Jesus Christ)
03 - Children Sometimes Die - "Grandpa" Carl Morris (Carl Morris*)
04 - Oh Fudge!! - Al Capone (Al Capone) (Originally by Wesley Willis)
05 - Sports Scenter - Dale Owen (LP) (Dale Owen**)
06 - The Wheele and Tyre Ensemble - Herman Poole Blount (Sun Ra)
07 - Seb Roberts - Kevin, Bob, and Brian
08 - MC Bobby - Pretty Lady (Britney Spears)
*Carl Morris was Ryan's grandfather.
** "It's about an ex girlfriend whos Mom was in a wheel chair.  She took on a pretty goth attitude about how 'dark' life was, but the only time she seemed genuinely happy, and would talk about her issues was when she was listening to music and remembering the time before her mom died and was healthy." - Steve

full album (zip)
band name key:
-time to pay the price, oh fudge!! and the wheele and tyre ensemble are skott baker
-children sometimes die is ryan slater
-sports scenter is steve mortiboys
-mc bobby is ryan slater. track produced by dj scholastic snake (skott baker)

01 - Girl Action Coach - The Serenade
02 - Seb Roberts - Catch & Release
03 - The (Not So) Fabulous Baker Boys - And It Was Love (Love Love Love Love)
04 - Tenderstems - Masonite Heart
05 - Oh Fudge!! - Can't Fight It Off
06 - Seb Roberts - Molly (Originally by Ween)
07 - Distorto & the Funky Pedalpushers - Oo Chang-A-Lang (Originally by The Blue Orchids)
08 - Brandon Tayor - L;ove-Z
09 - Our Age Comes Riding On A Circus Elephant - She's My Ex (Originally by All)
10 - Tenderstems - Murphy Bed
11 - Johnny Douchebag - Witch Doctor (Originally by David Seville)
12 - Sports Scenter - Love Is A Battlefield (Originally by Pat Benetar)
13 - Bushmiller's Crossing - Devotion Amidst Distress

Ineligible tracks:
01 - Our Age Comes Riding On A Circus Elephant - I Like Love (Originally by R.Kelly)*
02 - Yazza Pistachio - Melissa**

full album (zip)
band key:
-girl action coach, the (not so) fabulous baker boys, oh fudge!!, noski of octofist, our age comes riding on a circus elephant, and bushmiller's crossing are skott baker.
-tenderstems and sports scenter are steve mortiboys
-yazza pistachio is seb roberts

*not actually about romantic love
**recorded well before AR songfight started.
01 - Oh Fudge!! - Hey Sandy (from The Adventures of Pete and Pete)
02 - Seb Roberts - Having an Average Weekend (from The Kids in the Hall)
03 - James Brainerton and the Sparrows - The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air
04 - Charles V - Green Acres
05 - Our Age Comes Riding on a Circus Elephant - Way Down in the Hole (from The Wire)
06 - elijah b torn - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
07 - The (Not So) Fabulous Baker Boys - The Young Ones
08 - Charles V - Saved by the Bell
09 - The Last King of Ska-Land - Share (Originally by The Aquabats from Yo Gabba Gabba)
10 - Charles V - Hey Dude
11 - Big Bruddah and the Hula Company - Welcome Back (from Welcome Back, Kotter)
12 - Mizter J - Fame
13 - The Abor-Tones - The IT Crowd
14 - Charles V - Gummi Bears Theme
15 - Egg on toast - Little Boxes (from Weeds)
16 - The (Not So) Fabulous Baker Boys - It's Garry Shandling's Theme (from It's Garry Shandling's Show)
17 - Seb Roberts - Twin Peaks
18 - Oh Fudge!! - Wayne's World Theme
19 - Alex - Boys and Girls - Action (from The State)
20 - noski of octofist - WKRP in Cincinatti
21 - Charles V - Hey Sandy (from The Adventures of Pete and Pete)
full album (zip)
band key:
-oh fudge!!, james brainerton and the sparrows, the (not so) fabulous baker boys, our age comes riding on a circus elephant, the last king of ska-land, big bruddah and the hula company, and the abor-tones are skott baker
-mizter j is joe mackey
-egg on toast is steve mortiboys
1 - Oh Fudge!! - Halloween (Originally by The Misfits)
2 - Ass Council - Halloween Time
3 - noski of octofist - Wilhelm's Haunting
4 - Seb Roberts - Mansion (Originally by The Fall)
5 - The Witches of Breastwick - It's Our Day
6 - Joe Mackey - Stigmata Martyr (Cenobite Remix) (Originally by Bauhaus)
7 - We Are Killing Phantoms - Halloween Shindig (Originally by "Ed Twilley and the Creepers" from the sketch "Monster Parties: Fact or Fiction" on the HBO's "Mr. Show")
8 - Seb Roberts - Just Becuz They're Paranoid
9 - The (Not So) Fabulous Baker Boys - All Hallow's Eve
10 - Charles V - Pumpkin Spice
11 - Seb Roberts - Spectred Right Sound (Mashup of "Spectra Sonic Sound" by The Nation of Ulysses and "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave)
12 - The Bedroom Demos - 6 Feet Deep (feat. Ryan Slater) (Originally by The GraveDiggaz)
full album (zip)
band name key:
-oh fudge!!, noski of octofist, we are killing phantoms, the (not so) fabulous baker boys, and the bedroom demos are skott baker
-ass council is steve mortiboys and donald bourne
-the witches of breastwick is skott baker and ryan slater
AR SONGFIGHT #10 NOVEMBER 2007: A Tribute to AR Songfight
01) Sweet Trees - Crazy (Originally by Patsy Cline and covered by The Cecil Peoples for AR Songfight #2: 31 Covers, vol. 2)
02) Sweet Trees - I'm on Fire (Originally by Bruce Springsteen and covered by Sports Scenter for AR Songfight #2: 31 Covers, vol. 2)
03) Sweet Trees - Love Will Never Do (Without You) (Originally by Janet Jackson and covered by Alex for AR Songfight #2: 31 Covers, vol. 2)
04) Sweet Trees - Traer, Iowa (Originally by Josh from AR Songfight #3: Location, Location, Location)
05) Sports Scenter - I Love Rock'n'Roll (with Distorto and the Funky Pedalpushers) (Originally by The Arrows and covered by Sports Scenter for AR Songfight #2: 31 Covers, vol. 2, but not completed (and subsequently released in it's incomplete form on that month's bonus disc))
06) noski of octofist - My Generation (Originally by The Who and covered by Seb Roberts for AR Songfight #1: The British Invasion)
07) The_Blacks_(rapper) - Austin (Originally by Charles V for AR Songfight #3: Location, Location, Location)
08) The (Not So) Fabulous Baker Boys - Mulled Wine Song (Originally by Alex from AR Songfight #4: Drinkin')
09) Our Age Comes Riding on a Circus Elephant - Masonite Heart (Originally by Tenderstems from AR Songfight #7: Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song)
band name key:
-Sweet Trees and Sports Scenter are Steve Mortiboys
-Distorto and The Funky Pedalpushers, noski of octofist, The_Blacks_(rapper), The (Not So) Fabulous Baker Boys, and Our Age Comes Riding on a Circus Elephant are Skott Baker.